Joining the Discord

You should have received the public discord join link within your welcome email If you’ve already joined the discord and the member section within the discord feel free to ignore this step and move on to the next section! If not, feel free to use this link: to join. (try on laptop / desktop if mobile isn’t working). Feel free to share this link with anyone you wish. Please note this is the public discord that included VVS members and trading enthusiasts that come from our YouTube channels. There is a member only section within the discord that you may now get access to.

In order to get access to the main part of the membership, you must join the member only section of the discord. To get access, Copy your Discord tag from the bottom left of the discord window by left clicking on it (do not right click and select copy as this will add a space). Please note that the tag will include a “#” followed by 4 numbers at the end with NO SPACES between your name and the number portion of your tag. An added space is the most common mistake when people manually type in their tag.

Once you have the tag copied, go to the account section of your profile on this website and scroll to the bottom where it says “Discord tag:” paste your discord tag in the adjacent box and don’t forget to hit save. you should be automatically be added to the member section of the discord within 5 minutes, if you see #elliott-wave-ideas, #smart-money-ideas and the other member channels you’re all set and you can move on to the next topic!

If you’d like to be added immediately or to check if the discord bot can see you, go to the channel within the discord titled #bot-spam and type the command “!checkme” with no “” the bot should report back quickly and say if you’re all good to go. If you get the message back “:( You are not an authorized student….” then please ensure there’s no spaces within your discord tag, that its saved properly and that there is the #XXXX ending to your tag. If you’ve checked everything and you’re still not in the member section feel free to message any of the admins and we will do our best to assist. If you receive the message “Congratulations! You are authorized!” then you’re all set and ready to go! go ahead and move on to the next section and enjoy your membership!